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IT Services
CBBR can supply you with a wide range of services related to hardware and software, and we guarantee you the best quality at a competitive price.
We are specialized in the following areas:

  • Internet and Graphic:
    Web page design & development: Personal web site, Community web site, Organization web site, Company web site, Internet Portal, on-line database,Site Maintenance,etc.
    Developing Languages / Design Tools: Coldfusion, ASP, JSP, HTML, Java script, Dream Weaver, Flash, Photoshop, etc.

  • E-commerce:
    C2C (Customer to Customer)
    B2C (Business to Customer)
    B2B (Business to Business)

  • Database:
    Relational Database Design
    Database Management Interface Design
    Languages/Tools: SQL, Access, SQL Server, DBA, Visual Basic, etc.

  • Intelligent Systems:
    knowledge-based systems and intelligent agents and their applications in business and industry (including e-commerce applications).

  • Interactive Systems:
    Human-Computer Interaction, WWW publishing, interface development.

  • Systems Management:
    Modern computing system operation, the maintenance, management and security of small networked systems.

  • IT consultancy
    Hardware and Software solutions

  • Hardware:
    IT Computer repair and upgrades, PC Health / Security checks, email, antivirus, Internet, network, printer, camara, scanner etc.

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    online store:

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