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CBBR Law Services
CBBR can supply you with a wide range of services related to Legal issue, and we guarantee you the best quality at a competitive price.
CBBR 可以提供各种法律服务
  • 各种免费咨询
  • 房东/房客服务:找房客, 找房,找店铺,签合同,收租, 驱逐房客, 和房东追回押金及补偿
  • 债务纠纷: 追债, 法律协助等
  • 移民: 签证申请, 留学申请, 工作签证, 税务, 会计等
  • We are specialised in the following areas:

    Landlord Services:
  • Manage your property.
  • Find tenants.
  • Rent collection.
  • Evicate tenants.
  • Tenants Services:
  • Find property for you, including commercial or residential.
  • Help you sign contract.
  • Help your price negotiation with landlord.
  • Claim back your deposit.

  • Money Claim
  • Make a claim against someone who owes you money.
  • Debt collection.
  • Against money claim against you.

  • Immigration
  • Visa Application.
  • Marriage issue.
  • Asylum application.
  • Work permit application.

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